Inshore Ireland

The Geological Survey’s seabed mapping fleet returning home after a successful INFOMAR survey season along Ireland’s east coast

Penalty points for alleged fishing offences to be set in State law

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has told Inshore Ireland that based on advice from the Attorney General, it would not be possible to deliver on an ‘effective and dissuasive points system consistent with the requirements of the EU Regulation’ by making the assignment of points dependent on the Court prosecution process.

DAFM added it had hoped that subject to addressing some important and administrative issues, ‘Ireland could move towards a system of sequential application of EU points’ in conjunction with the prosecution process’.

Deputy Pat the cope Gallagher has described the proposal as “defining logic” while maritime solicitor Dermot Conway says it was “astounding” especially as a decision was imminent from the Supreme Court.

Full story: Winter 2017

Continuous environmental monitoring underpins major port project

The Alexandra Basin Redevelopment Project is seen as one of the most significant operations to date to be undertaken by the Dublin Port Company.
Under the terms of the EPA licence, Dublin Port has contracted TechWorks Marine to provide the environmental monitoring stipulated in the licence.

Charlotte O’Kelly outlines to Inshore Ireland the day to day operations throughout the four-year project.

Exclusive interview: Winter 2017

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