Places Of Interest

Original examples of Gabhla longhouses, the island’s vernacular cottage architecture, can be seen among the newer, renovated houses and among the ruins.

A small lake, Loch Mhachaire na nGall, nestles mid-island in the hollow between the hills. At one time it heaved with wild eels. The lake is surrounded by low lying farmland and peat bogs, including one small bog on the northeast side with peat as black as coal.

There are five or six freshwater springs or wells around the island. It is from these that the islanders lifted their drinking water.

Beautiful white sandy beaches at Tráigh na Béicí and at Port an Churraigh.

Leac Cuimhneacháin an Asgard.

Reilig na bPáistí. Children’s Graveyard.

Prehistoric kitchen middens.

Suíomh dreapadóireachta. Rock climbing is an option on the steep sea-cliffs rim on the western side of Gola island. Their rough granite surfaces appeal to experienced rock climbers.

Sea-arch at Scoilt Uí Dhúgáin.

Cladach na Croiche (‘hanging rock shore’).

It is said that a dispute between local warlords Feidhlimí Cam Ó Baoill and Maol Mhuire an Bhata Bhuí Mac Suibhne in the 16th century resulted in Feidhlimí hanging Maol Mhuire’s son from a spike – still visible at this stone today.