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Bord Scannán na hÉireann / Irish Film Board

Cláraigh do theach, d'aitreabh, d'oileán le Bord Scannán na hÉireann.




Dear Sir / Madam


Thank you for your interest in registering your property The Irish Film Board.


Enclosed please find a form requesting details about your property. When completed, please return the form to us, together with photographs on a CD clearly marked with your name, a contact number and name of the property. These should be in colour and not less than 6"X4" in size.  Photographs should be in “LANDSCAPE” format.  Please include a maximum of 15 photos.


By listing your property on our online database you accept that your details will provided to third party film and television companies or Location Managers who might want to use your property as a film or TV location. You may remove your property from the database or update the information at any time, simply by e-mailing in your request. Your inclusion on our online database is free and we do not charge film or television companies for access to our library.


Finally, please note that if a company wishes to use your property they will contact you directly.


Negotiations regarding hire fee & any contractual arrangements are between you and the company seeking to use your property.  The Irish Film Board accepts no liability relating to the use of your property as a location for audio-visual production. Also please note we do not return cds to location owners.


Inclusion on our online database does not guarantee that your property will ever be used as a location.


If you require advice of any sort relating to the use of your property as a location, we are happy to provide it.


We look forward to receiving your details.





Mags O’Sullivan



Deputy Film Commissioner

Bord Scannán na hÉireann / the Irish Film Board

14-16 Lord Edward Street

Dublin 2

Application form for registering your property with

The Irish Film Board’s  Online Digital Photo Database


To enter your property on our database please provide the following information: Please use block capitals.


About the location:


LOCATION NAME__________________________________________________________________


COUNTY___________________________________TELEPHONE NUMBER___________________


About you:







LOCATION PERIOD: (when it was built)______________________________________________

CONDITION eg uninhabited, occupied, derelict______________________________________________________________


BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY, tell us about the most interesting features. Please note that this will appear on the website in a narrative format so the description should reflect this.












EXTERIOR -          YES         NO

INTERIOR-            YES         NO



If yes please elaborate






Distance from Dublin: __________________

Kindly Note:

Please note you must be the owner or have permission from the owner of the property in order to place it on the database. We require the owners signature on these forms.  We regret that we cannot enter your property on the database without at least six colour photographs. The must be in a jpeg format. The maximum amount of photographs should not exceed fifteen.

Please return the completed form and photographs to Mags O’Sullivan, Deputy Film Commissioner

The Irish Film Board,

14 – 16 Lord Edward Street, Dublin


Should the property become unavailable for filming at any point, please email to update the status on the database.
Property Name:




In Accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 & 2003

Please read carefully and tick the boxes to show that you have understood and accept the following. Failure to accept points 1 - 4 and sign this declaration means that we will not be able to register your location on our database, and if you don’t accept point 5 we will not be able to offer you opportunities to feature in our marketing and promotional material.


(1) I, the undersigned, being the properly authorised representative for the location(s) as named on this form,

declare that all the information I have provided is, to the  best of my knowledge, true.                                                       


(2) I give permission for all the information I have  provided  (including all associated photographic material, more specifically defined as film negatives, film positives, film prints, digital images or recording of an electronic nature) to be held on a computerised database maintained in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988 and 2003  and consent to all such information being disclosed to persons requesting details of locations from the Irish Film Board, by mail, electronic mail and via the Irish Film Board’s on-line location library.*


If you consent to this, please tick the box:       


 (3) I understand that the Irish Film Board will make every endeavour to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on the database, and will take all reasonable steps to verify the bona fides of persons requesting

from the database.  


(4) I understand that the Irish Film Board will not have any liability to the location owners for any loss, damages, costs or expenses which the location owner suffers or incurs as a result of providing the above information or as a result of any arrangements the location owner may make with third parties introduced through the Irish Film Board for the use of their property as a location.




(5) From time to time the Irish Film Board may want to contact you by phone, fax, email of letter about events, activities, publications and our other services that may be of interest to you.


If you consent to this, please tick the box:       

You have the right to access your records held by the Irish Film Board. If you wish to have access to them please write, stating the location name and address to:



Owners Signature:               ______________________________________________________


Printed:                                  ______________________________________________________



Mags O'Sullivan

Deputy Film Commissioner

Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board

14-16 Lord Edward Street

Dublin 2

Tel: + 353 91 561 398 Email: 




* By consenting to this you are giving permission to have all of the photographs submitted to be placed on an online database.

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